Hey there!

I'm a French-American software engineer working out of Tokyo, Japan.

If you want to work with me or just get to know me, feel free to reach out!


Rainforest QA

San Francisco, CA (working remote from Tokyo, Japan) · May 2016 – present

I work here now!


New York, NY · March 2014 – March 2016

I worked on the Django app as part of the platform team. During my two years at Venmo, I got to work on all sorts of different projects such as:

  • revamping Venmo's user search with ElasticSearch
  • integrating with third-party APIs to make linking a bank account to Venmo a more seamless process
  • overhauling Venmo's friendship and user request logic, designing everything from the Cassandra and MySQL schemas up to the RESTful API consumed by internal and external clients
  • re-architecting Venmo's funding source schema, logic, and API, and migrating existing data into the new model as part of a team of three developers, building the backend foundation for Pay with Venmo


New York, NY · July 2012 – February 2013

I was the second engineer on the team, working directly with the cofounder/CTO on a Ruby on Rails application. I refined preexisting features and fully developed my own, which concerned all parts of the application. I wrote HTML/CSS and JavaScript/CoffeeScript code for the presentation tier, Ruby code for the logic tier, and used MySQL for the persistence tier.

I applied agile methodologies, using Jasmine and RSpec to test the frontend and backend code respectively, and Pivotal Tracker to manage iterations. I also used Asana for project management. I worked with JavaScript libraries and Ruby gems including jQuery, Underscore, and Backbone, and Devise, Resque, Rabl, and Haml. I also used Sphinx and Redis for real-time queries where accessing the MySQL tables was too slow.

(Urtak closed down in September 2013)


Corning, NY · June 2011 – August 2011

I worked as a CTG contractor for Corning's IT department and focused on three core projects: improving the RDBMS software license purchasing process; refining the Microsoft SharePoint-based internal data collection on current RBDMS software licenses; and overhauling the general software buying process for Corning employees by wireframing a new internal "Corning App Store".


University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard

Belfort, France · September 2009 – September 2014

M.S. Software Engineering · November 2014
B.S. Computer Science · June 2013

Computer Science Department

Federico Santa María Technical University

Valparaíso, Chile · August – December 2013

Exchange student, Computer Science Department

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Trondheim, Norway · January – June 2011

Exchange student, Mathematics Department


Online · Since May 2012

Programming Languages · Dan Grossman (University of Washington)
Functional Programming Principles in Scala · Martin Odersky (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne)



UTFSM · Fall 2013

Along with two other students, I developed an Asteroids-inspired shmup using Unity and C#. My main contributions to the game were the ship controls and powerups system.

WIP · link coming soon!

Te Recomiendo

UTFSM · Fall 2013

Customer referral web application built with Ruby on Rails with another student. I did the database design and worked on the sign-up flow and company landing page creation/display/editing.

code available upon request


#hack4good Santiago · October 2013

Weekend hackathon project, I helped develop a Rails server and API with two other developers serving web, iOS, and WP8 applications. I also developed the iOS application as a way to learn Objective-C and iOS development.


UTBM · Spring 2013

Course registration web application built with Groovy/Grails.


UTBM · Spring 2013

I helped design the database for an Android application, and cloned the application for the web using only PL/SQL.
(This was for the class, I wouldn't recommend writing frontend code in PL/SQL.)

code available upon request


Welcome Club

The Welcome Club (Welcome) is a student association at UTBM which was created to better the experience of foreign students, whether exchange or degree students, at UTBM. I started participating in the club's activities during my first semester at UTBM and joined the board my second year, holding various positions up to Club President my final year.

Christkindelsmärik · Strasbourg, France · 2010

Travels & Photography

One of the main reasons why I chose UTBM after finishing high school was its wide array of international partnerships and opportunities. I studied abroad twice, going first to Norway in 2011, and then to Chile in 2013. I'm an amateur photographer, preferring wildlife and nature photography, and you can view some of my photos from northern Norway and Svalbard on Flickr, or from various trips around Chile and Peru on Facebook.